Products & Services

Full rotary Die resharpen and repair capabilities

  • Minor alterations to cutting edge designs and layouts
  • Specialists in intricate shapes, dual, triple, multiple height dies
  • Chipped, scuffed and flattened edges repaired

Magnetic Cylinder repairs and refurbishments

  • Magnet base repaired
  • Bearers replaced
  • Gears replaced
  • Grind overs

Anvils reground

  • Reground to within microns
  • Brought back to specification

Slitting Wheel shaft repairs

  • Shafts reground
  • Bearers replaced
  • Slitting Wheels replace and refurbishment

Slitting Rings supplied and fitted

  • Alterations
  • Machined to customer specification
  • Perforated to order

Carton Dies male and female sets

  • Sets repaired, resharpened and reset
  • Cutting edges and crease profiles remachined

Independent Die and Tooling reports and evaluations

  • On site audits

Rotary Removable Bladed Sheeter Die repairs

  • Bearer replacing
  • Regrinding

Deep Cut Medial and Sanitary Dies *** Label Dies *** Gasket Shapes *** Tea & Coffee Industry Cutters *** Packaging Labels *** Folding Carton Sets *** Cutting ***
Creasing *** Removable Blades *** Plastic Applications *** Metal to Metal Sheeters ***

Products we supply from our factory…

New Rotary Dies

New Print Cylinders

New Magnetic Cylinders

New Anvils

New Gears

Various Slitting Rings supplied and fitted which can be machined to cusomer specification and perforated to order.

Blades supplied and perforation spec machined to customers requirements for removable Bladed Sheeters.

ADF Bearer lubrication oil to keep your dies in top condition while running on your press